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Before beginning this review of Anthony Morrison, let me start off by saying I don’t easily tag something as a “scam”.  Too many people yell “scam” when they simply just don’t realize how much effort it takes to make something work, when they are just starting out. I’m absolutely not saying there aren’t any real scams out there because there are, and I’m not afraid to tag something as a scam – Anthony Morrison just doesn’t fit that criteria for me.  However,  there ARE things you should know before getting involved with his programs.

He knows about website creation, all the different business opportunities you see online these days, video marketing, and email marketing. Anthony Morrison is first and foremost an Internet marketer. There are only a very few people that can speak the language the way he does.

A little “hands on” experience with Anthony Morrison

I do have the Anthony Morrison book and looked at the “Advertising Profits From Home,” program. He appears to be totally dedicated to what his program is offering.

I have found two main things that stand out about his programs.  One being that you may join for a reasonable price, but to get anything of substance is going to cost you much more. Though you can purchase his books for a reasonable fee, to actually work his program successfully you would need to invest quite a bit more.

The second thing I found was that there is a lot of “theory” rather than practical, hands on information.  If you are an established marketer, the information would probably make sense to you but if you are new, it will truthfully not be of much benefit.  This is why I think when we search for information on Anthony Morrison, we do find some “scam” claims. The term is too easily used. His information is good, it just depends on whether you are new to the game or not.


A shining light for Anthony Morrison

Success With Anthony Morrison

Awhile ago Anthony Morrison came out with “Success With Anthony”.   It’s a perfect example of what I mentioned above.  There is a lot of “theory” in Success With Anthony – the first version.  For a new person, with no experience – it didn’t help at all.  A total waste of money for anyone new.

BUT Success With Anthony 2 is perfect.  It is filled with practical, hands on information that would be of great value to anyone NEW to internet marketing.   For the experienced marketer, you already know the information included so it’s of no use to you.

In conclusion of my Anthony Morrison review – Other than the Success With Anthony 2 – plan on spending some money. His seminars, I believe, start out at about $2,000. If you are a new marketer, go ahead with Success With Anthony 2.

anthony morrison

So, I believe Anthony Morrison is for real.  You just have to be careful to join whatever program is appropriate for your level of marketing. In the end, no, I don’t believe that Anthony Morrison is a scam.

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