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Auctions for Income – Not a Lot of Positive!

In reviewing Auctions for Income with Dave Espino, I am sorry to say that I am at a total loss to find much good to report. Normally, you can find SOMETHING positive, but in this case, I did not.


Auctions for Income – What it includes for the price

Auctions for Income sells you a package for $39.95 plus shipping. This package is supposed to give you the “secrets” for tapping into the Ebay Marketplace and learning how to make those huge profits.  Don’t spend your money because here’s what’s going to happen.

Auctions for Income $39.95 package tells you nothing that you don’t already know.  The information didn’t even add up, but then, that’s because they want their sales person to get hold of you and sell you the “absolutely necessary” $5,200 package of nothing that you can’t find for free (for which there is no refund btw).

The information that you receive is not even as good as what Ebay themselves provide. You can learn what you need to know there, for free.  The list of wholesalers given by Auctions for Income are wholesalers that Dave Espino get’s a “cut” from. To make a profit from the products purchased with these wholesalers you would have to raise your price up higher than anyone already selling on Ebay with the same make, model number, etc. Note – if your product doesn’t sell, Auctions for Income still charges the listing fees (so you are losing money).

Where to go for more information on Auctions for Income and Dave Espino

You can check with the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, Warrior Forrum, the Ebay Community itself and just about anywhere online and I doubt you are not going to find anything encouraging about Auctions for Income with Dave Espino I am sorry to report.

It has become much more difficult to make a living or even supplement your income on Ebay.  I know several people that used to do very well but say it’s not at all the same now as it used to be. It is saturated with information and products from wholesale distributors much like that from Auctions for Income.

Dave Espino Auctions for Income

Auctions for Income is for sure, not a solid home based business opportunity and most certainly not worth the cost of what they want for it.   There are absolutely less costly and easier ways to work at home and succeed online with the right program and marketing system, which I am very fortunate to have found.

If this review saves you only the $39.95 fee alone, then I will have done my job.

Until next time,

Judy Wiley


I’d love to hear from you! Please comment, share, let me know if you have had any personal experience with Dave Espino and Auctions for Income.

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