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Taking a Hard Look at Dave Ramsey

I have a soft spot for anyone in business that truly works to help others. Dave Ramsey, from my review efforts is just that type of person. His website comments that his success is based on not dollars coming in, but the number of lives changed. This includes getting out of debt, and investing for the future using his assistance.

Dave Ramsey is a financial counselor who formed a company called “The Lampo Group”   Dave has a nationally syndicated radio show, and is an author. Much of his work has a “biblically based” , common sense theme and a couple of his more popular works are the Total Money Make Over and Financial Peace geared towards paying off debt. I also want to mention the Financial Peace University.

Dave Ramsey – What does he DO?

Much of the work of Dave Ramsey is in helping others become debt free, using his own personal life experience and knowledge, and using cash rather than “plastic”.  He has a seven step plan to help you get out of debt, just as you learned to take your first baby steps.

Dave has an excellent “Getting Started Guide” that you can subscribe to for free.  There are tens of thousands of people following Dave’s plan and getting out of debt forever.

On Dave’s site you will find information on getting out of debt, relationships and money, budgeting tools and forms and also information on investing, real estate, insurance and taxes to name just a few.

I have personally known and also spoke with many, many people that have been helped by Dave Ramsey products and teachings.  In today’s economy there are many people in serious trouble that could benefit from some of Dave’s ideas.

My Dave Ramsey review -  my findings

Not only have I spoke with many people who have personal experience with Dave Ramsey programs, I have done extensive research LOOKING for people who have a different opinion.  The “naysayers” that I did find were actually people who have their finances under control, can’t relate to the actual problem or quite possibly wouldn’t admit to it if they did have a debt problem.  They either don’t want to, or can’t relate and unfortunately with the economy NOT improving, they are quite possibly the one’s we will see have their credit card debt swallow up their home and their cars.

For those who are in complete control of their debt – great job!  But I don’t think the Dave Ramsey program is meant for you. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a person who has truly “given of himself” to help other people going through hard times.  I give a very strong thumbs up to Dave Ramsey.

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